Bringing visibility to your transmasculine experience

Bringing visibility to your transmasculine experience

Trans men are sexy, you want to celebration as sex partners with you, and you should consider us.

That has been the message of our exposure campaign—that we began about decade ago—to bring presence to your transmasculine experience. It absolutely was a crazy trip, and it’s alson’t over. Since introducing the “Top 5 Reasons to screw a Trans Guy” and other campaign materials, we’ve gotten telephone calls and e-mails from people all over the globe, have iterated our campaign, shared our experience at a worldwide HIV meeting and established a extremely successful play parties for trans individuals during the intercourse club Eros.

Suffice it to say—we’ve come a way that is long a decade, but there’s still lots we have to do in order to bring trans guys front and center. Here’s just just what we’ve learned as we’ve morphed our presence campaign (message: “we’re here! ”) Over the full years into one that’s more dedicated to education and serving our trans community.

Top 5 reasons why you should screw a Trans man

The very best 5 Reasons guide had been a complete great deal of enjoyable to produce. Niko created this content, Loren created the imagery, so we had a transmasculine visual designer additionally assisting from the task. A number of the dudes at Eros additionally contributed to the direction with this guide as well as other materials.

I (Niko) remember gonna Folsom Street Fair and passing away materials in an audience of individuals with a number of volunteers. Individuals would use the cards, simply take four to five actions away and turn around then. Like, “where would be the trans males here? ” That began the discussion, plus it ended up being where we had a need to begin.

Many people actually adored the information, plus some social individuals felt maybe it’s potentially problematic. We utilized a complete large amount of sexy pictures, plenty of sexy language. We caught people’s attention, however some individuals thought we may be fetishizing trans people. Continue reading “Bringing visibility to your transmasculine experience”